I am a full-time ceramic artist and have been working with clay for over twelve years. My formal education background is in Geography/Geomorphology, however, wherever I have lived and worked, I have always liked “creating”, i.e., creating mosaics, sculpture, paintings, etc. Since my graduation with second MA in Geography/Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto in 1995, I lived and worked in the Middle East for a few years. To pursue my creativity passion, I started learning pottery in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and discovered that clay is a perfect medium for “creating” objects and forms. I continued taking community and private classes in Toronto after returning in 2003. In 2011 I finally founded my own ceramic studio from which I am currently working.

I specialize in hand building and sculpture using the Raku as well as traditional oxidation firing techniques.

My geography background influences my work reflecting a love and passion for nature, resulting in wildlife sculpture as well as in organic forms of my abstracts. My recent work is intended to address an environmental and socio-economical issues affecting all aspects of our world and often caused by human activities.

Presented on this site work is grouped in several Series and varies from realistic to abstract, from sculptural to functional. Click the images below to visit each Series. Contact me for inquiries.

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O'Bear Series


Human Inspired

Wall Art

Arctic Series

Functional Art

Home Décor

Nature Inspired

Blue Marble Series



In Quest of Survival

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